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September 5, 2018
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Diversity is the showing of a range of different things, it is this diversity of people that makes our world an amazing place. Authors must keep this in mind when writing about the people in their books. As an author I want to ensure that I’m giving my readers a diverse set of personalities and ways that people connect.

One thing that has been difficult to many writers, like me, is to truly make our writing truly diverse. It is important to understand the character you are using within your story. Diversity isn’t just in the way of demographics but also in their attitudes and lifestyles.

Writing about diverse lifestyles can be complicated. You need to completely understand the lifestyle you are writing about. Doing basic research is important when wanting to create a perfect character for our art.

Some questions that me as a writer ask when looking at diversifying my characters are:

  • what obstacles that community faces
  • what narratives are most offensive to them
  • the assumption can cause all the problems with a character

These questions can be harmful if not answered correctly within your story. You don’t want to be offensive to those with similar diversity. Your writing can be harmful to your name as an author because others may feel the hurt by what your writing. This makes the need to research the different race, sexual orientation, religion, gender ID than you, when placing it into your story.

By Guest Blogger, Samantha Lieberman

I grew up in a small town called Rose Hill, a suburb of Wichita, Kansas. I was a teenager of the 1980s and coming out gay was not a trend in those times, especially in rural area of Kansas. I never dated in high school and people just thought I was shy I suppose - but I wouldn't fully come out gay and accepting of myself until my early 30s. When I look back at those days, I recall reading tons of movies and reading even more books, but I cannot remember reading about a gay hero who saved the day. Gay people, I think for the most part, were cast in a shadow. When I started writing, as I continue to write, my goal has to be write about LGBT characters for a wide audience and I really never have intended to write towards a niche LGBT audience. It is my goal in life, to one day, complete a piece of work with a diverse range of characters that is of great entertainment to all spectrums of sexual orientations and genders.

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