How Can I Make Werewolves Original?

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October 11, 2018
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October 24, 2018

      The myth of the werewolf as we know it today dates back to the Middle Ages, but stories about men transforming into beasts have been around since Ancient Greek times. Now, it seems like every interesting story idea about werewolves has already been done before, making it difficult to come up with an original, exciting plot for a werewolf story. If you’ve got your heart set on writing about lycanthropy, here are some ideas to help you along!

In most werewolf stories, humans become werewolves after being bitten and undergo a transformation once every full moon. Even though that’s the basis for the traditional werewolf story, you don’t necessarily have to stick to that template. Try and think of alternate ways that your character could have become a werewolf. Perhaps they began to transform as a way of coping with a traumatic event. Maybe they become a wolf in times of extreme stress, sadness, or anger. Maybe they were born a werewolf and have no real explanation for their transformations. Putting your own spin on the classic werewolf myth can be a great way to take your story in a new, unexpected direction.

A lot of werewolf stories treat lycanthropy as an aberration, something abnormal and irregular. The afflicted werewolf becomes an outcast, tormented by their condition and looking for answers. Instead, what if being a werewolf was the norm? Try to imagine a society populated entirely by werewolves, with humans being the mythical figures. What would be the same and what would be different? How would your character’s relationship with their community change?

Instead of writing your story in the third person, or from the perspective of the werewolf, treat lycanthropy as a mystery. Let your narrator be a detective, unraveling the mystery of a friend, family member, or acquaintance’s sudden disappearance or strange changes in behavior. Lead your audience on a wild goose chase, juggling possible theories before finally revealing that one of your characters is a werewolf.

Bryce Bentley-Tales is a YA writer of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Dark Fantasy and mixture of all these. Bryce’s new book, The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane, is being released Oct 29, 2018 and available for Pre-Order.

I grew up in a small town called Rose Hill, a suburb of Wichita, Kansas. I was a teenager of the 1980s and coming out gay was not a trend in those times, especially in rural area of Kansas. I never dated in high school and people just thought I was shy I suppose - but I wouldn't fully come out gay and accepting of myself until my early 30s. When I look back at those days, I recall reading tons of movies and reading even more books, but I cannot remember reading about a gay hero who saved the day. Gay people, I think for the most part, were cast in a shadow. When I started writing, as I continue to write, my goal has to be write about LGBT characters for a wide audience and I really never have intended to write towards a niche LGBT audience. It is my goal in life, to one day, complete a piece of work with a diverse range of characters that is of great entertainment to all spectrums of sexual orientations and genders.

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